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How to fit Thorn Resistant Inner Tubes

How to fit Thorn Resistant Inner Tubes

1. Preparing to fit Thorn Resistant inner tubes after a puncture
  • mark the position of the valve on the tyre
  • remove the tyre on one side of the wheel using tyre levers.If you hold the wheel like an artist holds a paint palette with your thumb through the wheel by the valve then you can hold the first tyre lever down while applying the second one
  • remove the inner tube, inflate it and emerse in water, bubbles will reveal where the hole is remove the tyre completely from the wheel and put the valve over the mark on the tyre to help find and remove the cause of the puncture (failure to do this may result in repeat punctures)
  • check the inside of the tyre for dirt, grit or thorns etc.

2. Fitting Thorn Resistant inner tubes
  • fit one side of the tyre back onto the wheel, preferably the outside of the wheel so that you are fitting the inside of the wheel last and any marks caused by tyre levers are concealed
  • remove the inner tube valve cap and fit the valve into the wheel
  • feed the inner tube evenly around the wheel without kinking it
  • inflate the inner tube just enough for it to take up a tubular shape (it is necessary to do this for the tyre to fit well and in particular for the valve to fit behind the tyre wall rather than being pinched by it)
  • refit the tyre starting at the valve. Take care not to damage the inner tube if using tyre levers but you can do it with your hands - if you have strong hands
  • centralise the wheel inside the tyre and inflate to approximately 10 to 14 lbs pressure. Tyres can be inflated with most standard bicycle pumps, we recommend using a foot pump with a gauge as the adaptor end is easier to fit onto a small wheel


If you over inflate the tyres then the ride is harder, the likelihood of punctures is increased and above 20lbs you run the risk of distorting the wheel

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