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Sun Protection

Sun Shade UV Protection

These days we are much better informed about the long term harmful effects of the sun's rays... as well as the short term discomfort !

A baby's skin is more sensitive to sunlight than our own and needs protection.

You don't have to be worried about the risks of skin cancer or the hole in the ozone later to use a Sun Shade, just wanting to avoid your child suffering from the immediate effects of sun burn is enough !

We supply a variety of UV Shades either universal for use on most makes of pushchairs, carrycots or cars !

Department of Health - Sunsafe Advice

National Radialogical Protection Board - Ultra Violet Radiation Information

For general guidance if you live in the UK, do not have naturally pigmented skin and are not prone to sun burn then your skin will show redness after 2 hours when the sun index is 3 or 4, at 5 or 6 it will only take 1-2 hours, and at 7+ less than 1 hour. A baby's skin is more sensitive. For detailed information visit the NRPB.

World Health Organisation - Intersun Global UV Project

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