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Many people aspire to own a Baby Jogger pushchair...the problem is that not everyone wants to pay for one !

If you are buying your Baby Jogger for a first child you may not realise quite how often you will be leaving your pushchair unattended.
  • with a new baby there will be frequent trips to your health centre or doctors surgery for the routine check ups
  • with a toddler there are play groups and parties to attend, swimming classes...the list is endless. It's great fun and your Baby Jogger will be a joy to do it all with.

BUT...very few places let you take your pushchair in, you have to leave it parked up. Even if you could take it in you'll be watching your child not your pushchair.

AND...most household insurance policies do not cover your pushchair against theft when it's not in the house (unless you take out extra cover - and even then you'll probably have to demonstrate 'due care', e.g. that you locked it up rather than just leaving it.)

SO...it may be wise to take some precautions, and at least make it difficult for the casual opportunist thief.
  • NEVER leave a child unattended in a pushchair
  • DO secure your your pushchair to something - preferably something solid (e.g. a railing) if this isn't possible lock it to a friend's pushchair or immobilise your pushchair by looping the lock wire through the wheels making it hard to casually wheel away.

Obviously a Retractable Cable Lock will only deter the casual opportunist thief not the determined and prepared one armed with a pair of wire cutters. You could buy a seriously secure cable lock but they are bulky & heavy to carry around.

Retractable Wire Combination Lock

Retractable Wire Combination Lock

Cost 10 including VAT plus post and packing

This lock won't protect your pushchair against a detirmined thief armed with a pair of wire cutters but it will deter the casual opportunist thief and make it hard for a thief to snatch a personal bag containing valuables from your pushchair or the basket underneath, e.g. a handbag.

At roughly the size, shape and weight of a mobile phone the Lockit provides convenient low level security protection. Fits in the palm of your hand, small and compact enough to keep in the pushchair or a personal bag.

The Retractable Wire Combination Lock has a three combination wheelsFour digit combination lock - no keys to lose !
The Retractable Wire Combination Lock combination can be easily reset to any combination you likeEasy re-set to YOUR preferred code
The wire on the Retractable Wire Combination Lock cable extended to 90cm long and self retractsSelf Retracting Plastic Coated Wire up to 120cm long
The  Retractable Wire Combination Lock is roughly the same size as a mobile phoneCompact - similar size to a mobile phone
The Retractable Wire Combination Lock deters snatching and opportunist theftsProtects against casual opportunist thefts
The Retractable Wire Combination Lock DOES NOT protect against a determined thief.DOES NOT protect against a determined thief

Size: 100mm x 65mm 22mm

Wire Length: 1200mm

Weight: 160g

Price 10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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