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Outlast Snuggle Bag

Outlast Snuggle Bag

Outlast Snuggle Bag

Cost 49 including VAT plus post and packing

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A top quality sleeping bag style of 'cosytoes' with built in Temperature Regulation, thanks to the use of Outlast Adaptive Comfort materials. Materials originally developed for Space travel !

Outlast Technical, how it works - click for larger imageOutlast Genuine Space Technology  - click to visit the Space Foundation, Space Certification Program website

Outlast materials absorb excessive warmth and release it again when the body needs it. This balances out temperature fluctuations and considerably reduces sweating.

For use with the five point child harnesses on most pushchairs (or may be used with a body harness). Suitable from 6 months to 4+ years

Your child will appreciate the sheer luxury. You will both appreciate the benefit of not having to dress up a young child in several layers of clothing before going out.

Outlast Adataive Comfort temperature regulationOutlast Adaptive Comfort temperature regulation, reduces sweating, reduces chills
Waterproof Exterior - with the sun canopy covering your child's head and the waterproof snuggle bag you don';t always have to use a storm coverWaterproof Exterior
Fully fleece lined, it isn't necessary to dress your child up in several layers of clothing before going outHigh Quality Cosy Fleece Lining for instant warmth on contact
The Outlast snuggle bag has an Anti-Slip backing to reduce slippage down the pushchair seatAnti-Slip back
A zip at the base of the snuggle bag allows it to be opened out so your child won't out grow it and muddy wellies can poke throughBoot Opening for the older/larger child
A draw string is supplied separately with the snuggle bag which you can chose to fit to make the bag extra cosyDraw String included
The Snuggle Bag has a reflector badge to enhance visibility for road usersLight reflector for night time safety
The snuggle bag can be machine washed at 40 deg, but do not tumble dry. Generally any mud can be simply brushed off the outside once it has driedMachine Washable (do not tumble dry)
Black is the most popular colour Snuggle BagAvailable in five colours

Dimensions approx.

Length: front 60cm (24") back 91cm (36")

Width: max. 45cm (18")

Important Notes

It is important that very young children and babies in particular do not overheat.

Adding any form of 'cosytoes' to the seat will reduce the length of the harness straps which will seem tighter - the effect appears to be more pronounced on a child wearing a nappy than, say, a three year old.

For other products to keep your child comfortable in the standard seat see also:

Lambskin Stroller Fleece

Outlast High Tech Snuggle Bag - click for larger image

Price 49.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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