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Independence Quick Release Wheels

The Baby Jogger Independence have quick release wheels.

Removing the wheels makes it more compact when folded for storage and transportation.

It can also help reduce the transfer of dirt from the wheels to the inside of your car.

click on an image to enlarge it

Front Wheel

On one end of the axle is a lever folded back against the frame. The 'running brake' caliper is closed over the wheel but has a release lever.
  • open the caliper brake release lever
  • fold out the axle lever and undo
  • pull front wheel out of the forks

mounting the front wheel is simply the reverse of the above procedure.


When remounting the wheel ensure that the axle is fully back into the forks on both sides. If it isn't then the wheel will point to the left or right...and you'll go around in circles !

Fold back the axle lever pointing to the rear of the frame rather than have it pointing forward as this reduces the chance of it getting snagged on something when you are going along.

Rear Wheels

On the rear axle is a release button for the wheel axle.
  • press the release button and pull out the wheel

Baby Jogger Independence or Liberty Rear Wheel - click for larger image

to mount the wheel simply re-insert the axle and push until you hear it 'click' into place, then give the wheel a tug - just to double check it is securely locked in

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