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Head Hugger

Head Hugger

Head Hugger

If we receive your order before noon we can normally despatch the same day (except weekends)Cost 6 including VAT plus post and packing

Most head huggers are all 'flounce' and no substance, but not this one which provides good quality head support.

A valuable extra for the younger baby in the pushchair's standard seat. Not just for rough terrain as even a gentle terrain can create a sympathetic rolling motion rocking the child's head from side to side.

A Head Hugger is useful when a baby first moves up from the carrycot to the standard seat as the shoulder harness straps may pass irritatingly close to their ears, a head hugger can correct this by concealing the excess strap which is above the baby's shoulders.

The Head Hugger can be fitted to the standard seat even if a body harness is being used to secure a small baby rather than the built in five point harness (which can be a little large for some small babies).

The Head Hugger is easy to fit, simply unclip the two shoulder harness straps from the waist strap put through the holes in the Head Hugger and re-clip to the waist straps. The crotch harness strap goes through the large hole in the Head huggerEasy to fit
Head Huggers can be machine washed at 40 deg but do not tumble dryMachine Washable
Black is the most popular colour for Head Huggers pushchair harness straps are blackAvailable in Black or Dark Navy


Height: 60cm (23 1/2")

Max Width: 25cm (10")

Shoulder Holes to Crotch Slot: 31-40cm (12-15 1/2")

Price 6.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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