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Cyclaire Pump

Cyclaire Mini Pump

Cyclaire Mini Pump

Cost 10 including VAT plus post and packing

Hopefully you won't need a pump !

But if you do then you might as well have a good one, and this is.

Modern pushchair tyres have standard Schrader valves - just like a modern bicycle or car - and they thoughtfully angle the valve so it's easier to pump them up. But many modern bicycle pumps are still difficult to fit between the valve and the wheel hub because of their adaptor clamp so we have chosen one which fits well.

The Cyclaire mini pump with pressure gauge is the sort of quality pump which someone with a quality pushchair would have.

Its revolutionary design significantly reduces the effort required to inflate a tyre and enables you to do it in a better position so it's excellent for people with a bad back.

Note. The wheels are designed to be low pressure, it's part of the 'suspension system' which gives your child a smooth ride. It's important not to over-inflate them or the wheels can be damaged.

The Cyclaire mini pump is easy to operate simply holde down with one foot and pull the handle upeasy to operate in standing position
The Cyclaire requires minimal effort to operateminimal effort required
The Cyclaire  mini pump has an integral pressure gaugeaccurate integral pressure gauge to 80psi
The pump has a twist operated valve locktwist valve lock
The cylciare pump is made from durable glass fibre reinforced nylonsmart & durable glass fibre reinforced nylon construction
The mini pump is compactcompact only (6" long !) and easily portable
For use with Presta or Schrader valvesSchrader, Dunlop or Presta valves
The Cyclaire Mini Pump has a twelve month guarantee against defects of workmanship or materials12 month warranty

Size: 158mm long x 64mm wide x 53mm high
Weight: 300g

Only Red Cyclaire Rapid 80 psi fast inflation now available (Grey Cyclaire Plus max inflation 120 psi ow sold out)

Price 10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

  • Cyclaire Rapid (Red)   

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