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Advance Mobility Freedom

Advance Mobility Freedom

The Advance Mobility Freedom is designed for for use by older children/young adults from 10 years to a maximum weight capacity of 90kg - 14 Stone or 200lbs (whatever weight measurement you use...it's a lot !). It is intended for use outdoors, due to it's size it is too large for use inside most shops.

It is essentially a specialist wheelchair with both all terrain and sporting capabilities.

The larger frame, deeper seat and 'seat to footplate' distance accomodate a larger occupant comfortably...although it may not be suitable for individuals requiring postural support managment.

The combination of a lightweight (but very robust) aluminium frame plus larger wheels (which offer less resistance to surface bumps) help to make it easier to push a large, heavy occupant.

The Advance Mobility Freedom is supplied with TWO front wheel options - Fixed Front Wheel or Swivel Front Wheels - which can be interchanged to best suit how you are using the pushchair
  • small swivel wheels - ideal for town use and other 'smooth' surface situations where improved steering manoeuvrability would make life easier

The seat can be reclined and includes a five point harness with adjustable shoulder harness height and crotch strap length options. So you can get a comfortable seat angle without compromising security to fit across a range of occupant sizes (and shapes !)

Quick Release Rear Wheels and a simple folding system mean that the Baby Jogger Freedom can be folded fairly compactly...but naturally it is still quite large.

A front wheel 'running brake' operated by a handlebar grip lever (just like a bike brake) provides you with extra control on steep slopes or if you are running (!), note though that this option is only available with the single fixed wheel option fitted.

The Baby Jogger Freedom also has Dual Rear Parking Brakes plus safety wrist strap.

A Rain Cover is supplied as standard

For additional leg comfort a Roll Pillow is also available (note. no supportive cushioning is available for the seat).

The pushchair is low maintenance with machine washable fabrics and heavy duty inner tubes. It has a Lifetime Warranty on the Frame and 12 Month Warranty on the wheels and 'Soft Goods' (e.g fabrics). The Warranty covers manufacturing faults or materials, but not including normal wear and tear, e.g. punctures.

The Baby Jogger Freedom may be suitable for some, but not all, children with special needs. It is designed specifically for children and young adults with special needs and may be purchased VAT Free under certain conditions if the child is eligible for VAT Relief, in addition we may be able to supply the Baby Jogger Freedom under the Wheelchair Voucher Scheme. In either case contact us by telephone for more details.


Whilst the Baby Jogger Freedom may be used for a child with special needs the hammock style seat may make it unsuitable for a child who requires postural managment support, if in doubt please seek the advice of your physiotherapist.

This product is intended for outdoor use, due to it's size it is unlikely that it will be practical for an occupant to be loaded indoors and then wheeled out through a residential doorway.

For detailed dimensions see Baby Jogger Freedom Specifications

For a photo gallery of the Baby Jogger Freedom see Advance Mobility Freedom Gallery

Or you can download the detailed Advance Mobility Freedom User Manual

Note. We supply mainly in the UK but we often deliver to other European countries however there are additional payment and warranty issues which need to be discussed first, please contact us at: Exports

Baby Jogger Freedom (inc. Rain Cover) PLUS Lambskin Comfort Liner

Baby Jogger Freedom (inc. Rain Cover) PLUS Lambskin Comfort Liner

Advance Mobility Freedom pushchair is only available in Navy Blue, it includes:

Rain Cover included as standard with your Advance Mobility Freedom special needs pushchairRain Cover (inc. free Storage Pouch)
The Advance Mobility Freedom special needs pushchair is supplied with BOTH front wheel systemsFixed Front Wheel AND Swivel Front Wheel options included
The Advance Mobility Freedom special needs pushchair is supplied with Lambskin Comfort LinerLambskin Comfort Liner, special large size fleece
A Dual Action Mini Pump included with your Advance Mobility Independence pushchairDual Action Mini Pump
Advance Mobility Freedom Manual

If the Advance Mobility Freedom pushchair is for a child with special needs who is eligible for VAT Relief then we may be able to supply VAT Free - order by telephone rather than online

VAT Free Click image for VAT Relief Form

We can supply the Advance Mobility Freedom on the NHS Independent Wheelchair Voucher Scheme

Advance Mobility a Division of the Baby Jogger company - click to visit their web site


Price 1,032.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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