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Baby Jogger Maintenance

Baby Jogger Maintenance

There's not a great deal of maintenance required on your Baby Jogger.


The cordura fabrics used on the pushchair can be machine washed in a mild detergent. Do not tumble dry it refit ot the pushchair frame whilst wet to minimise shrinkage and on an average day it dries very quickly.


It isn't necessary to keep the frame spotlessly clean, although:
  • salt water (sea water) must be hosed off as it can be corrosive to any steel parts, bearings etc.
  • excessive dirt or sand in the folding mechanism, or brake may make their operation more difficult

If the pushchair will be used daily in a high corrosion environment, e.g. you live by the seaside, then applying a protective lubricant/coating to steel parts - axles, bearings etc, can be of help. Use WD40, Silicone Spray or even Vaseline.

An occasional spray with household polish will maintain a smart polished finish.


Occasionally wash dirt and especially salt water off the axle and bearings to avoid corrosion.

Check tyres for thorns - but it probably isn't a good idea to pull any out while you out as they may be stopping the air from coming out !

Maintain tyre pressures within the pressure within that stated on the tyre wall but lower pressures will give a softer ride for the child.

Punctures can be repaired just like a bicycle or replacment inner tubes obtained from a bicycle shop.

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