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Shade-Babe (double)

Shade-a-Babe (double)

Shade-a-Babe (double)

Total cost 40 including VAT plus post and packing

Shade-a-Babe to fit most major brands of double three or four wheeled pushchairs, buggies, strollers & prams.

Supplied in our own storage pouch when ordered online.

Additional glare shield and fold back UPF50+ sun visor providing variable protection levels to body and eyes - adjustable as you choose.

The Shade-a-Babe reduces UV by between 70% and 90% when fully openReduces UV by between 70% and 90%
When folded down the Sun Visor on the Shade-a-Babe reduces glare by 99%Sun Visor position cuts glare by 99%

The Universal Shade-a-Babe is made in New Zealand by Outlook who also make the Car Window Sun Shade, for more product information visit the manufacturer's website

Note. This product cannot replace responsible adult supervision to prevent sunburn or overheating. You should check for signs of burning at regular intervals, face the pushchair away from direct sunlight and ensure adequate ventilation when parked up, adjust clothing and use sun creams as appropriate.

Price 40.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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