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Baby Jogger Performance

The original three wheeler for the active outdoor parent.

It all started with the Baby Jogger in 1984, and although most other manufacturers have tamed the three wheel concept for the city walker Baby Jogger have kept true to their roots and still produce the ideal sport pushchair.

The Baby Jogger Performance is supplied with 20" alloy wheels. The larger wheels and greater wheelbase 'footprint' provide improved stability, superior tracking/handling at speed plus a longer stride for the active parent... but make it less suitable for confined spaces such as shops.

The larger wheels plus rear shock absorbers give a smoother ride for the passenger.

A Running Brake is fitted as standard to give you extra control at speed or on a steep slopes. It has recently been upgraded to a V-Brake which provides increased braking power - although this does make it more fiddly to remove the front wheel. If used off road, on grass or a loose surface the brake may not effectively slow the pushchair as there is insufficient weight over the front wheel.

The lightweight (but very robust) aluminium frame Folds Easily and all wheels can be Quick Released for compact flat storage and transportation.

To celebrate their 25th Anniversary Baby Jogger updated their 'flagship' Performance Classic model.
  • a lighter less 'macho' look than the standard Black & Red livery
  • designer wheels with narrow 'racing' style tyres - reduced rolling resistance

The 25th Anniversary model is supplied with:
    Baby Jogger Performance 25th Anniversary Basket - click for larger imageUnderseat Basket & a Rain Cover.

NOTE. The Performance 25th was originally intended to have a Baby Jogger Performance 25th Weathershield - click for larger image but this is no longer manufactured and there are not enough for each of the pushchairs still available.

We have sold the Baby Jogger Performance for years it's a product we enjoy selling because we get such fantastically positive feedback from parents, especially mums, for whom the Performance can help regain a pre- baby lifesyle which they had though was lost.

The lightweight road racing wheels will improve performance on made up surfaces but in our view make it unsuitsable for use on rough off road terrain as the designer wheels with fewer spokes may be more susceptible to accidental damage (hit a major rut in the road) than a standard wheel with spokes all the way around. Also the narrow racing style tyres offer less shock absorption, less suspension, than the standard tyres - in theory this may detract from the ride quality for the occupant

The 25th Anniversary model has standard inner tubes of an unusual size but we can still supply them and we give you one spare FREE with the pushchair

The seat is padded and is suitable from six months it includes a five point harness with adjustable shoulder harness height and crotch strap length options.

A large netting pouch on the rear of the seat adds extra storage capacity and includes a zippered pocket for keys/cards etc..

For full specifications see the Baby Jogger Performance Specifications page.

Or you can download the detailed Baby Jogger Performance User Manual

Click to watch the Watch a video of the Baby Jogger PerformanceBaby Jogger Performance Demo VideoWatch a video of the Baby Jogger Performance

Now the bad news....

Pushchairs sold in the UK used to be regulated by British Standard 7409 but now it is a European Standard EN1888. The new regulation no longer tests pushchairs for their weight capacity and what use they are suitable for. Instead the new standard tests all pushchairs to a single weight and for a single use - products either pass or not. The Baby Jogger Performance has passed those tests BUT the new standard is only for a pushchair at walking speed not jogging or running. There is no test for jogging or running. As a result the Baby Jogger Performance model (designed, built and with years of proven performance for running) cannot be sold for the purpose of jogging or running, it can only be used at walking speed. (Note this may not be 100% technically accurate but it is our best understanding)

Madness ? perhaps, but on the other hand the intention is to protect your child from injury by the obvious accident or more subtle shaking/vibration which might be more likely at speed, and the problem is that the law cannot simply assume that the pushchair will be operated safely with common sense. Some people would react by not running with their child, others by taking responsibility for the care of their child when running.

We think that some parents will still choose to run with their child despite the fact that there are now no pushchairs approved for running in the EU (note if you look at manufacturers websites this may not be obvious as they are not based in the EU). We think that if you are going to do it then the Baby Jogger Performance gives your child the smoothest ride and best protection but be under no misunderstanding you will be operating the pushchair outside of it's approved use unless presumably you to take it outside of the EU to use it.

We hope that we are acting responsibly by continuing to supply this product but only having first brought your attention explicitly to this information (comments welcome !).


We have put together some package deals to include the most popular accessories, and if you pay for your pushchair with a Debit Card (not Credit Card) then we will give you a Retractable Wire Combination Lock FREE.

Note. We supply mainly in the UK but we often deliver to other European countries however there are additional payment and warranty issues which need to be discussed first, please contact us at: Exports

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